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    President University Holds a Webinar to Assess the The Impact of COVID-19 on the Legal Industry in Indonesia

    “The COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only the healthcare industry but also on the global economy. This also automatically subsequently affects business continuity, followed by the legal industry that underpins the course of business,” reveals Handa S. Abidin, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D. , lecturer of Law President University, during a webinar on the topic “Legal Industry and COVID-19” on May 4, 2020.

    In addition, the Founding Partner of FKNK Law Firm, Ichsan Perwira Kurniagung, S.H., M.H., and the Founder of Indonesian Legal Pop, Dimas Prasojo, S.H., were also present to explain the effect of COVID-19 on the legal industry. The webinar was also participated by people from various professions, such as Stephen Warokka, Partner SSEK Legal Consultants, notary, in-house legal counsel, and students.

    Ichsan mentioned that demands for legal services are not decreasing entirely. Some demands for legal services are in fact increasing following the increase of legal cases on businesses that occurred due to COVID-19, such as bankruptcy cases or delaying obligations of debt payment, employment cases due to layoffs, as well as other employment cases that have the potential to cause disputes.

    There are a lot of new regulations issued related to business operations. “Literacy on these new regulations is important because it will have an impact on clients. For example, KPPU’s policy regarding mergers, policies issued by the OJK, and many more,” he said.

    In addition to regulatory literacy, Dimas said that mastery of technology is also important for legal service providers

    Currently, only a few people develop legal services software. “There are many legal service providers that have software to serve the establishment of companies, mergers, and others that are disruptive. There is a potential in start-up companies that provide complementary services in the legal industry, for example, digital signatures,” he explained.

    According to him, this potential should be developed. “Legal service providers must understand that IT will be part of them, even though they may be more comfortable in meeting their client face to face,” Dimas said.

    For students and fresh-graduates of Law study program, the three speakers agreed that analytical skills, writing skills, and foreign language skills are important. However, Handa said that the ability to adapt quickly is also highly important. “We are not only learning Law, other aspects such as marketing, management, and even macroeconomics might also have to be studied in order to understand the current situation,” Handa said.

    On a different occasion, Handa explained, President University prepares students from the beginning of their studies to be an excellent human resource in the workplace. Through the Legal Industry and Career Preparation course, the first semester students have been taught about the legal industry and career prospects in the legal industry such as becoming a lawyer or a founder of a start-up company in the legal industry. In addition, through The Future of Law course, students are invited to think critically about the future of the legal industry in Indonesia and the world, especially with the current COVID-19 which has influenced the legal industry.

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