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    President University Holds a Seminar to Discuss Development of Laws in Indonesia Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

    To equip the students with the latest information, Law Study Program at President University had successfully conducted an online seminar with the theme “Konstitusionalitas Perppu Corona” on 14 April 2020.

    This seminar invited speakers from state institutions and researchers who are experts in law and economy to discuss further the Government Regulation in Lieu of Acts about Corona, namely the Head of Lembaga Riset Konstitusi dan Demokrasi (KoDe) Inisiatif, Veri Junaidi, who is also a law lecturer at President University, Ahmad Alamsyah Saragih, a member of Ombudsman Republik Indonesia, Yuna Farhan, Country Manager for Indonesia International Budget Partnership, and Bhima Yudhistira, a researcher at the Institute of Development of Economic and Finance (INDEF).

    As a lecturer, Veri stated that this seminar was conducted so that students could observe and gain information directly from professionals about the practice of law and constitution development in Indonesia. According to Veri, the theme Konstitusionalitas Perppu Corona was picked because the issue is currently progressing and becoming the current issue that demands answers both from academicians and for students. In this seminar, all speakers discussed MiscellaneousCOVID-19 in-depth, covering the substances that might serve unconstitutional, such as legal uncertainties regarding its scope, validity period, and others.

    “Not only getting theoretical material in the classroom, but I also want students to be able to implement the knowledge in a real way. Students can see cases of how policies are made, how policies are very likely, and potentially violate the constitution. This is a lesson for students to come forward to make good and constitutional policies. Thus, students and campuses in academic space can contribute to the action in facing the ongoing state circumstances,” he explained.

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