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    President University develops students’ creativity on Digital Science and Design through COMPSPHERE 2019

    Aiming to develop the creativity, talent, and potential of university students in Indonesia on digital science and design, the students of the Faculty of Computer Science of President University organized COMPSHERE 2019 with the theme “Exceed: Explore the Technologies, Grab the Possibilities”. This annual event of the Faculty of Computer Science was held on 12-13 November 2019 at President University.

    This year’s COMPSPHERE consists of four activities, namely Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Programming Rush for university students, workshops, seminars, and the President University Information Technology, Information System, and Visual Communication Design (VCD) graduate’s thesis exhibition.

    The ERP and Programming Rush competition was joined by dozens of students from various universities in Indonesia, among others Binus University, Telkom University, Muhammadiyah University, and other universities. For the seminar and workshop, there were four different sessions that the students could attend. The first one is the Character Animation seminar that was facilitated by a content creator of Dalang Pelo, Nur Alif Ramadan that raised the topic of Passive income Strategies for Animation Designers. The second session was a 3D Character Animation Workshop by Dermawan Syamsuddin, S.Sn., M.Sn., the Head of VCD Animation Program of Binus University. The third one was the Data Science Seminar and Workshop by the Algorithm Instructor of Algoritma Data Science Education Center Yaumil Sitta. And lastly, a Cybersecurity Workshop that was facilitated by IT Security Architect Specialist of the Commonwealth Bank Dani Aquarius Febrianda that explained the big picture of the development of cybersecurity in Indonesia as well as the risks and challenges working in the cybersecurity sector.

    Not only seminars, workshops, and competitions, but the thesis exhibition of the work of President University students is also one of the interesting activities in this year’s COMPSPHERE. Among the 35 works on display, there were several thesis works that received special attention from the participants, including a computer-based fighting game in which all the characters and weapons nuanced Indonesian culture, named Adventure of Indonesia. There was also The Scrooge, a battle game between knights and zombies which is an adaptation of a board game of a similar name and an application called Sintesis that can be used by a company to collect data from all company-related tweets. Not only looking around, participants can also directly try to use or play thesis products of this student’s work.

    Sean Jeremy Partogi, Informatics Engineering student class of 2018 as chairman of the 2019 COMPSPHERE committee revealed, “I hope that COMPSPHERE participants can get to know Digital Science and Design through the workshops and seminars that we hold. And also, through the thesis exhibition, we hope that the visitors who are also university students could get inspired to working on their thesis later on.”

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