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May Edition

    President University Complements Online Learning for Students and Lecturers with Coursera

    During the course of one month where Work from Home (WFH) activities have been exercised by President University, many of its lecturers have decided to utilize this opportunity for better. To name one of them is by enhancing their students and their own competence by attending online courses in Coursera, an online platform that provides online courses from well-known universities across the world.

    After establishing a partnership with Coursera, lecturers, and students of President University can now access hundreds of online courses for free. Not only the students, but the lecturers have also joined various online courses from top universities to expand their insights.

    One of the lecturers from the Faculty of Computing of President University, Ronny Juwono, M.T., mentioned that the learning material provided in Coursera are those of good quality. “I have attended two online courses from the University of Illinois and Michigan State University where both programming courses are technical. The learning materials are outstanding. To do the assignments or quiz, we have to read the instructions carefully, if not, the assignments might not be able to be submitted successfully,” Ronny explained.

    Because Coursera’s online courses demand independent learning from its users, Ronny combined Coursera with eCampus so that interaction between lecturers and students can still take place.

    Ronny stated that by taking online courses in Coursera, he expanded his knowledge as a lecturer. “We can learn how other lecturers explained difficult technical terms to students so that they would be easily understood by the students,” he explained.

    In line with Ronny, the Head of Mechanical Engineering Study Program at President University Dr.Eng. Lydia Anggraini, S.T., M.T., said that Coursera is a professional platform. “Coursera is attractive for providing a variety of online courses specifically tailored to the students’ needs. The learning materials are short yet compact. The assignments and quizzes also have quite a good standard, therefore students cannot proceed to the next learning material before they pass the previous ones,” Lydia explained.

    Lydia also stated that aside from being beneficial for higher education learning purposes, Coursera is also beneficial to acquire various skill certificates, especially those within the engineering sector that is useful for a lecturer’s career.

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