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    President University Alumni as The Best Delegate in The 9th ASEAN Korea Frontier Forum

    Diplomatic relations are important for any country, on behalf of its future’s development. However, it cannot be denied that youths play an important role, surely as the next leaders. As a celebration of the 2019 ASEAN-Korea Commemorative Summit as well as ASEAN-Korea Dialogue Partnership, the 9th ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum: ASEAN-Republic of Korea Youth Community Initiative was designed. Muhamad Rizki Nugraha, alumni of President University (International Relations 2015) was chosen by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Indonesia as one of 6 Indonesian youth appointed to represent Indonesia, 3 were Indonesian youth who lived in Indonesia and 3 were Indonesian youth who studied in South Korea.

    In this series of events on January 31 until February 6, 2020, he got a chance to represent the Social-Cultural field, he speaks for the topic “Implementing Strategy on Human and Cultural Exchanges to promote an Amicable Relationship between ASEAN- Korea”. He holds on to the argument that all nations certainly have a program with a specific yet clear mechanism in order to facilitate all nations’ interests. He also proposes 5 points of discussion which focus on civil society empowerment, the establishment of ASEAN-ROK Community as a Non-Governmental Organization, local tourism empowerment, ASEAN-ROK promotion, as well as conducting an interactive approach. By that, he brought the best delegate award and defeats other delegations.

    In pursuing his dream, he revealed that this opportunity is one great step that he got to become diplomats of Indonesia, work in the United Nations or become the ambassadors of UNICEF, WHO, and UNHRC. He also dreamed about establishing non formal school foundation, which highlights the term “be you” and “study on how to motivate yourself to learn something”.

    Deris who has been actively involved in the university’s organizations and the event is not only performed well in the academic area. He mentioned that aside from wanting to continue his study abroad, he wants to express his passion for art with joining TGX, Indonesian boyband that will have their debut in February. “I want to be an inspiring artist and give motivation to everyone,” he stated.

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