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    PBIC, Thammasat University Strives to Strengthen “Thailand-India” Educational Collaboration

    Pridi Banomyong International College (PBIC) of Thammasat University held an event “Ambassador’s Talk” for strengthening Thailand – India relationship. A scholarship ceremony was also organized for students in the Indian Studies Program to encourage educational collaboration between Thailand and India.

    The scholarships were supported by Indian businessmen who aim to create graduates who are talented in international business. The main purpose is to serve the labor market of the Indian large business sector. Moreover, in this ceremony, there was an introduction to Indian studies of PBIC.

    The event was attended by H.E. Ms. Suchitra Durai, the ambassador of India in Thailand, who spoke on “Thailand – India’s Relationship and New Collaboration in this decade”. He elaborated on relationships in politics, trading, and interchanged cultures between Thailand and India. The talk was held for the special occasion of the 12th anniversary of Pridi Banomyong International College.

    Asst.Prof.Dr.Nithinun Witwetworn, Director of Pridi Banomyong International College TU (PBIC), says that “PBIC is the first university in ASEAN region to conduct the “Indian Studies” program. We aim to build graduates who are specialized in the knowledge of India, including politics, economy, trading, investment, and language and cultures. In Thailand and the ASEAN regions, there is still a lack of people who have a deep understanding of India. Therefore, during the 4 years of study in Indian studies of PBIC, along with an interesting course structure, there is also a chance to study abroad in a partner university in India.

    Asst.Prof.Dr.Nithinun also says that apart from the intense study in Indian studies, PBIC also has a good relationship with the Embassy of India in Thailand. The Embassy of India provides students the chance to connect with Indian cultures. The Embassy supports us with Hindi speaking teachers and connects with partner Indian universities in order to increase more exchanges. They also provide academic activities and special talks about the relationship between countries and collaboration between Thailand and India. There is also a cultural connecting activity like World Hindi Day in order to spread the understanding of Indian culture to students and citizens.

    Recently, the Embassy of India encouraged a 4-year scholarship program to students of Indian studies PBIC by drawing Indian businessmen who want to have an educational collaboration in order to build graduates who are specialized in India in all dimensions. The graduates will also comprehend business working context with Indian people. There have been 17 students who were granted scholarships by Indian businessmen. This year, the Embassy also continues giving scholarships in order to build graduates to sustainably serve the Indian business sector, said Asst.Prof.Dr.Nithinun.

    For those who are interested, please contact www.pbic.tu.ac.th or Facebook: facebook.com/PBIC.TU for more information.

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