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    Partnering with Knowledge Catalyst, AJCUI to launch a learning platform for students

    Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) launched a microlearning program that raised the topic of “Financial Crisis and Disruption” through a platform called Gnowbe at Jakarta on Monday (28th Oct). Through a partnership with Knowledge Catalyst, a Singapore and Jakarta-based EdTEch company, AJCUI tried to provide a learning platform easily accessible through smartphones.

    The launching of this microlearning was AJCUI’s response to technological advancement, which has brought transformations in many fields, including education and finance. In the finance sector, we were introduced to the financial technology (fin-tech), which changed our ways of working and doing business. Many fintech companies appear and offer various convenient payment methods and investment. Meanwhile, in the education sector, the teaching and learning process started to utilize ICT. The technology has brought a new interface of education.

    The Rector of AJCUI and also a lecturer at the Graduate School of Business, Department of Management of Applied Economics, Dr. A. Prasetyantoko, said, “Technological advancement has brought many impacts especially in finance and education sectors. Therefore, as a university, we also need to keep up with it and adopt technology as a learning media. The microlearning is a way to help students to learn and discuss with other students, even students from other countries.”

    His statement was in line with the CEO of Knowledge Catalyst, Rudy Rahardjo. “The partnership between Knowledge Catalyst and AJCUI has a mission to utilize and develop advanced technology to create an equal distribution of learning. We also support the education sector in preparing competent graduates needed in the future,” he said. Knowledge Catalyst also offered a blockchain-based solution for document verification and publication which uses the framework of OpenCerts (an initiative from the Government Technology of Singapore) to help educational institutions and bureaus of accreditation in issuing certificates, diploma certificate and transcripts to avoid falsification and to help companies in verifying the documents.

    The microlearning of “Financial Crisis and Disruption” consists of three main topics, which were relations between disruption and financial crisis, industry 4.0 and its impact on future business, and the future of the economy of blockchain.

    “Through this microlearning, AJCUI, represented by the Faculty of Economics and Business, commits to play a role as a government’s partner in improving human resources. Through the materials, we hope that we can provide more understanding regarding the economic condition and its relation with technology and encourage students to keep innovating,” said the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business of AJCUI, Dr. Irenius Dwinanto Bimo.

    The microlearning through Gnowbe can be easily downloaded on Apple Appstore and Google Play Store. The main strength of the application is that the learning is mobile-friendly, and it keeps up with the millennials. Students can quickly learn the materials anytime and anywhere since the materials are divided based on each learning focus with a short duration of 10 minutes. The users are not only from students but also from the public worldwide. The forum discussion provided there also makes knowledge transfer and networking among leaners possible.

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