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    Open innovation: university-industry collaboration in Russia

    At present, innovation is one of the key elements for a country’s competitiveness. In today’s dynamic economic environment, open innovation business model implementation allows many organisations to enhance and step up their innovation processes through collaboration. Universities as traditional sources of knowledge might be involved in such kind of collaboration.

    The open innovation business model can serve as a tool for developing countries that are seeking to accelerate their transition towards innovation-based economy. This paper aims to shed light on the implementation of open innovation model in collaboration between companies and universities in a global scale, particularly in Russia.

    The study is qualitative and is based on integrative analysis of literature, secondary data and results of the survey conducted among Russian universities. A model for the implementation of open innovation into a Triple Helix model has also been further elaborated in the thesis. The study also aims to look into the less common practice of reverse-directional interaction – from industry to university.

    The research results illustrate a need for solving identified problems in parallel with implementation of open innovation concept in university-industry collaboration.

    Click here to read the full academic journal.

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