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    Online Museum to Promote Tenun dan Songket Indonesia in the Industrial Era 4.0

    Falling in love with the beauty of Tenun and Songket Indonesia, Julia Ratih Gita Dwiyana Sitompul, President University alumna of Business Administration Study Program batch 2015 is determined to promote the beauty of Tenun and Songket Indonesia through the Pemilihan Putra dan Putri Tenun Songket Indonesia event.

    According to her, Tenun and Songket Indonesia are very special because they were made with love and philosophy. Furthermore, she mentioned that Tenun and Songket Indonesia is a national identity that needs to be preserved.

    Joining the quarantine session for 3 days, Julia gained a lot of valuable knowledge about marketing communications, psychology, fashion, attitude, as well as Tenun and Songket Indonesia itself. He had the opportunity to visit Galeri Nusantara and saw the making process of Tenun and Songket Indonesia, as well as saw a collection of Tenun and Songket Indonesia.

    After going through the process of essay submission, quarantine, photoshoots, and deep interviews, Julia won the 2nd Runner Up position which was announced on the Grand Final at Balai Sarbini, Jakarta (21/12).

    Selected as the third winner, Julia explained her plan to promote Tenun and Songket Indonesia. “I believe that one of the best ways to preserve Tenun and Songket Indonesia is to create a digital/online museum,” she said.

    Together with all the members of Putra dan Putri Tenun Songket Indonesia, Julia is confident that they can collect a database collection of tenun and songket from all over Indonesia. With this online museum, people can get comprehensive information about Tenun and Songket Indonesia. In addition, the digital/online museum is also expected to be a platform for MSMEs to promote tenun and songket that they sell to millennials.

    “Being a winner is not important to me. This is all about the responsibility that I have to fulfill with to increase public knowledge about Tenun and Songket Indonesia and preserve it,” said Julia.

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