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    NSU Delegation Team Visits Taiwan

    On 13 November 2018, the Dean of School of Engineering and Physical Sciences (SEPS) at the North South University, Dr. Arshad M. Chowdhury, and the Director of Office of External Affairs, NSU, Dr. Katherine Li paid a visit to the Yuan Ze University, Taiwan. The international visit took place after receiving an invitation from the Professor Cheng-Pu, Chief Global Affairs Office. It was a two-day visit. On the first day both NSU delegates gave an overview of NSU and its research focus. Several members from the International Office and Department of Engineering of Yuan Ze University were present. Afterwards a presentation was given to the international students at Yuan Ze University about NSU’s study abroad opportunity. During that presentation several students showed interest to come to NSU over lunch in the international student lounge.

    The NSU delegates also had the chance to participate in a campus tour and visited the following labs: the Antenna Measurement Lab, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Multimedia Processing, the Telemedicine Lab, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the IoT and Maker Lab, the Department of Electrical Engineering, and the Wireless Mobile Computing Lab of the Department of Electrical Engineering. There they met the professors who run the labs and the students who work in these labs. Through these lab visits they came to know that NSU students could get vast opportunities to carry out research in those labs. This visit was followed by a round table meeting during which a possible collaboration of joint faculty research, faculty exchange and student exchange between these two institutions might be possible. After that the whole group had a dinner in a traditional restaurant.

    On the next day, they visited Far EasTone Telecommunications Company. There they heard about the research and development (R&D) of the Technology and Telecommunication. Next they visited Moldex 3D. There they learnt how 3D printing works. They also explored opportunities for NSU students to do internships there as well to avail studies. The Dean of SEPS saw lots of scopes for NSU students regarding the R&D sector at Yuan Ze University.

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