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    Now is the Right Time to Build Your Start Up Company!

    The rapid growth of the digital economy in Southeast Asia has drawn investors’ attention to investing their funds in start-up companies in Southeast Asia,  one of them is Indonesia. According to Analyst from East Ventures Aditya Hadi Pratama, this condition has created the best time for young people to build their start-up business. He revealed this idea in the Alumni Sharing Session “Blockchain Fundamentals and Career Choices” at the Charles Himawan Auditorium of President University last Wednesday (18/9).

    Aditya who is an alumnus of Information Technology of President University batch 2006 was present to share his experiences related to start-up companies in Indonesia. Aside from providing an overview of the current situation of start-ups in Indonesia, he also explained that someone needs to has the right motivation to build a successful start-up business, which is being a problem solver. According to him, a start-up business will not succeed if it only focuses on generate money without having a positive impact on society. Aditya closed his session by explaining the funding opportunities that could be obtained if a student wanted to build his start-up business.

    For the next session, the Alumni Bureau of President University and President University Major Association of Computing President University presented Li Merlina, Founder and CEO of Senarai, an international blockchain advisor who has collaborated with various types of government, business and research center institutions. Merlin who is also an alumnus of Information Technology of President University batch 2004 shared basic knowledge about the blockchain and answered all the curiosity of students about the blockchain. She also encouraged students to utilize blockchain education portals such as Binance Academy to learn more about blockchain.

    The Head of Information Technology Study Program of President University Drs. Nur Hadikusuma, M. Sc. was delighted to welcome the alumni to share their success story to the students at President University. “I hope that there will be a continuous relationship between alumni and students who can develop the knowledge and competencies of President University students,” said Nur.

    Latest Posts

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