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    Not Exporting But Empowering

    In Finland, translational education is often termed as koulutusvienti. A literal English translation of the word would be education export. However, education is deeply rooted in culture that it cannot be exported. Hence, rather than identifying it as an education export, it should be viewed as a collaboration with foreign partners and clients, or even empowerment, particularly for foreign partners who are ready to progressively assume the entire education development progress. Therefore, a translational education provider’s role is to demonstrate what it has to offer and make suggestions for education projects.

    However, Finnish education cannot be directly readapted into another country. While some translational education providers deem quality assured through readaption of the education model; in Finland, quality means substantial learning and teaching, and education has an influence that benefits children in their own culture.

    The best method of achieve all these is to develop profound collaboration with local partners and customers. This is because only by empowering partners can they help to make a difference with education.

    Source: HY+

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