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    Noryawati the Product Developer of Edible Packaging

    Dr. Noryawati Mulyono, S.Si., the Head of Food Technology Department of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, has succeeded in innovating a food packaging that can be eaten, or usually called “edible packaging”. Nory who is teaching at Atma Jaya Faculty of Biotechnology is the product developer of brand Evoware.

    Evoware is a seaweed-based food packaging which was first started in 2010, when Nory succeeded in winning the L’Oreal Award for Bioplastic field. As time went by, with the support and aid from her husband and team, Nory finally succeeded in creating seaweed-based packaging which is edible, nutritious, and biogradable. “Thanks to my in-laws’ help, I could build my own laboratory at home and it really helped my research,” Nory said.

    The research of developing the food packaging has been run since 2010 and it is still continuing. It was all started from screening material, bioplastic-ware design, team forming, up to product launching. In 2012, Nory became the runner up winner at Wismilak Diplomat Success Challenge and got a grant to develop bioplastic production capacity from small-scale to prototype-scale. Then, in 2016, she won another award as an inventor awardee granted by Ministry of Law and Human Rights Indonesia. In 2017, Evoware managed to get two awards at once, DBS Social Venture Challenge granted by DBS Bank and Open Ideo Circular Design Challenge granted by Ellen Mcarthur Foundation.

    Evoware itself has been successfully marketed throughout the world,” Nory said. The food packaging of Evoware has been successfully distributed to Asia, Africa, Australia, America and Europe.

    “In achieving something, we cannot only rely on institutions or government, because they also have limitations, so there must be a struggle from ourselves too,” Nory adviced us. 

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