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    MTs Nahdlatut Thullab Interested in the Unusa Digital Library

    MTs Nahdlatut Thullab, Sampang conducted a comparative study at the Surabaya Nahdlatul Ulama University (Unusa). The comparative study is to explore possible cooperation between the two educational institutions.

    MTs Nahdlatut Thullab administrators were received by Vice Rector III Unusa for Planning, Development and Cooperation Dr Ima Nadatien SKM MKes, accompanied by the Head of Public Relations Marketing Mohammad Ghofirin M.Pd in ​​the meeting room FKes 5th floor of the Unusa Campus B Tower, on 15 April 2019.

    This comparative study was also a reciprocal visit from the Unusa marketing team to MTs Nahdlatut Thullab some time before. Dr. Ima Nadatien SKM M.Kes admitted that she was happy with the arrival of the board of MTs Nahdlatut Thullab. “Unusa is very open with other institutions that want to cooperate, with the same goal, namely for the good of students,” he said.

    Do not forget Dr. Ima expressed his gratitude to the officials who want to visit Unusa, as an effort to explore further cooperation.

    “We hope that the results of our visit can converge in cooperation, for example cooperation for digital libraries, scholarships or entrepreneurship for students. That way when the Chancellor of Unusa visits our hut, he hopes there will be a realization of cooperation, “said Syamsul, representative of Nahdlatut Thullab’s MTs.

    Mohammad Ghofirin explained that Unusa is a very consistent campus for students who are very accomplished. Even though they come from a family with less economy, as long as students with good academic and non-academic achievements, they can give a plus for Unusa.

    “Unusa’s best graduate last year was one of them from FKes, who is a student from Sampang. This kind of goodness virus can be transmitted to his classmates in Sampang, “Ghofirin said.

    Campus facilities that are also enjoyed by Unusa students are digital libraries. This is a campus policy in utilizing current technology. So that the library area no longer requires extensive space for millions of titles, which of course absorbs high costs.

    “This e-book system can be installed, so that it makes it easier for students to search for millions of titles in one device, a gadget. “Many schools have been interested in cooperating in installing this digital library,” Ghofirin said.

    According to him, now the rapid digital technology and its effects are unavoidable. The important thing is to use proportionally to be useful.

    “One example of technology users in entrepreneurship. Young people now have a very high leap of creativity. “Unusa lecturers are required to open themselves as facilitators to be able to provide character education for their students,” he said.

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