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    MSU Launches the Mobile Acute Respiratory Clinic for the COVID-19

    Mahasarakham University by Suddhavej Hospital – Faculty of Medicine, has launched the “Mobile ARI clinic,” the new service for the COVID-19 Patient under Investigation (PUI). This Mobile Acute Respiratory Infection Clinic is designed to reduce the spread of disease and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and also to protect the medical staff from COVID-19 risks.

    With a reduced number of medical staff, the Mobile ARI clinic can provide physical & lung examination, throat swab, and venipuncture for the COVID-19 PUI outside the hospital. The COVID-19 PUI in Mahasarakham province can call +66 4302 1021 to get this service from Suddhavej Hospital – Faculty of Medicine.

    Latest Posts

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