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    Medical achievements for Knee and Shoulder Joints Replacements at King Abdullah University Hospital, Princess Nourah University

    In a unique medical achievements, a Knee Replacement Surgery has been operated for a 56 years old women using the Robot Technology and a Reverse Shoulder replacement Surgery for a 70 year old woman at King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz University Hospital at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University.

    The team was led by the Orthopedic and Joint Consultant Dr. Maad Bin Faisal Al-Saadi. They accomplished in replacing the knee joint using the Navio device, which is a robot that is used in knee replacement surgeries. It helps the doctors to determine the exact size and dimensions of the knee with precision and professionalism. This technique reduces the pain as well as the use of painkillers. It is also considered safe for the patients.

    On the other hand, the medical team led by the consultant orthopedic surgeon Dr. Abu Bakr AlAhimer were succeeded in replacing the reverse joint of the shoulder. The patient used to suffer from acute friction, which was resulted from a cut in the shoulder tendons. This surgery is one of the most advanced and rare surgeries where they are operated in a few specialized centers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

    It is worth mentioning that King Abdullah University Hospital has adopted the best practices and procedures to provide safe and high-quality care, making it an ideal choice for patients and a destination for health care employment and training.

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