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    Many overqualified professionals are left unemployed due to a skill set mismatch in today’s industry

    Nearly half of job-seeking Canadians hold a post-secondary degree or diploma. However, more than two-thirds of job vacancies do not require more than a high school education, according to a new release by Statistics Canada.

    Many overqualified job seekers are facing difficulties in the securing of jobs and are hence leaning towards the acceptance of lower-paying jobs to fill in the gap because they need a paycheck. In contrast to those of trades and natural sectors, health sector particularly nursing fared the best nationally in terms of job compatibility, with 0.3 unemployed persons per job vacancy.

    Overqualified and unemployed job seekers are hence advised to consider heading back to school and learn the right skills required of the current job market in order to heighten job opportunities.

    Source: CBC News

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