MAI and SADRI make a joint research project


Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) and Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute (SADRI) develop a joint project on the mathematical modeling of Civil Aircraft Wheel-up Landing Destruction.

SADRI is a Chinese design institute, a member organization of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC), which in March 2018, signed a Contract with Moscow Aviation Institute on “Civil Aircraft Wheel-up Landing Destruction.” MAI and COMAC have the long history of cooperation.

According to the agreement, Research and Development Department No 101 “Aircraft Design” of MAI is to provide a digital mock-up of the aircraft and make a research on what damages the aircraft virtually dropped with the landing gear-up will suffer. The project implementation period is 420 days, and now it is in its third phase.

The aircraft model is being built by MAI engineers in electronic form and tested in digital mock-up upon conditions of emergency situations and landings. Under different reference conditions the body of the aircraft will behave variously and engineers could see, which part of construction will be exactly collapsed.

The replacement of flight tests with mathematical modeling is much cheaper and is the global trend in the aerospace industry today. In any case, the new aircraft will have to undergo flight tests and certification, but the knowledge of what might happen in an emergency situation, will allow to improve the design of the aircraft before the experimental stage.

MAI engineers perform multiple iterations, respectively, SADRI specialists also take part in the development of a digital mock-up. In the future, the finished mock-up will be considered as a MAI development, as a scientific technical reserve. It can be used for various research projects and in the training of engineers.