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    Logistic Maritime 4.0: Optimizing Maritime Logistic Management to Boost National Economic Growth

    Maritime Infrastructure and connectivity play a crucial role in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, particularly in Indonesia as an archipelagic country that has a long and fragmented logistics chain. Hence, the implementation of Maritime Logistic 4.0 that will enhance Indonesia’s logistic management systems, in an attempt to solve the problems of insufficient port operation such as dwelling time that has long become the root cause of long trading procedures. This was mentioned by the team leader La Ode Rifaldi Nedan Prakasa (International Relations 2017) and its member Muhammad Ilham Razak (International Relations2016) and Hiqmatus Sholichah (Environmental Engineering 2016) from President University in a scientific article entitled “Integration into the Industrial Revolution 4.0 as an Effort for Optimizing Logistic Maritime Management towards National Economic Growth”.

    The better logistic maritime management will cut the expensive logistic cost that leads to cheaper and affordable prices of products and the fast distribution of logistic in many islands. These advantages directly increase citizens’ prosperity.

    Focusing on the issue of Logistic Maritime in Indonesia, this scientific article selected as one of the papers that were awarded an incentive in Student Creativity Program – Scientific Article (PKM-AI) by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019. This scientific article will then be published in the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs’ e-journal.

    According to La Ode, Logistic Maritime 4.0 is the key to accelerating Jokowi’s policy on Global Maritime Fulcrum to which one of its pillars is the establishment of infrastructure and connectivity among islands.

    “Towards the lack of logistic maritime management in ports hinders the process of logistic distribution in smaller islands, I believe the implementation of technology 4.0 in shipping and port operation will reduce dwelling time that usually takes 5-12 days to be faster and efficient” he added.

    In this scientific article, they suggested several recommendations for the stakeholders especially the government to allocate more of the state budget in logistic maritime 4.0 infrastructure in order to integrate logistics maritime services by applying digital technology like automation and blockchain technology in ports in Indonesia.

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