Lingnan’s Unique Taught Postgraduate Programs Experience

Lingnan University visits strengthen East-West collaborative relationships with leading UK universities

Leading Asian liberal arts university Lingnan has established a solid foundation for its Taught Postgraduate (TPg) programs: each TPg program stands out not only for depth and breadth of knowledge and training in its specific subject area but, most importantly, for its highly interdisciplinary, internationalized and experiential settings.

Diverse programs and holistic approach

Delivered by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS), and the Faculties of Arts, Business and Social Sciences, LU TPg programs range from the humanities, e-commerce, management, risk management and accounting to social policies, international affairs, and public health, and each program offers various electives and cross-disciplinary courses to equip academics and professionals with the skills and mindset that every dynamic, multilateral society needs.

Backed by leading scholars and extensive research

Behind each LU TPg program is a team of eminent scholars and researchers. As well as benefitting from their knowledge and experience, the faculties acquire the latest and most recent information, so that all teaching and materials are always up-to-date. The many studies and surveys on the impact of COVID-19 on Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area conducted by the SGS, for example, are valuable primary materials for programs such as the Master of Science in Health Analytics and Operations Management, and the Master of Social Sciences in Health and Social Services Management, as well as other social policy programs which emphasize health, wellbeing and the development of the Greater Bay Area. In addition, research and social projects by LU’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies contribute to courses and subjects and take into account aging, healthcare, welfare, and gerontechnology.

Thanks to the recent launch of the Institute of Policy Studies with international partners, areas relating to social policies and comparative studies will be key strengths in LU teaching and learning.

Internationalization tops the world with rich experiential experience

Lingnan places a strong emphasis on experiential learning, and postgraduates are expected to participate in a large number of events, workshops, and professional seminars on an international level to equip themselves with current knowledge and skills.

Even after COVID-19 stopped most face-to-face exchanges and travel, Lingnan continued to offer students, international scholars and researchers unrivalled learning and exchange opportunities. From September to December 2020, LU hosted Cities and Governance Seminar Series, the Global Higher Education Webinar Series, and The Conference for Higher Education Research (CHER) 2020.


Among its many overseas and regional exchange and internship programs is the Oxford International Postgraduate Summer School (IPSS), when students go to the University of Oxford for two weeks to broaden their learning experience with activities including research presentations, research practice sharing, methodological reviews, and social networking.

At Lingnan, postgraduate students can also enjoy unparalleled opportunities to participate in international conferences and symposiums attended by outstanding scholars. Students may also apply for internships in a wide range of sectors.

All these elements not only provide an invaluable postgraduate experience at Lingnan but also contribute to its second-best in the world classification for “Quality Education” in the Times Higher Education’s University Impact Rankings 2020.

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