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    Kyungpook National University (KNU) Selected for HK+ Project

    Kyungpook National University (hereafter KNU) has been selected for the Humanities Korea+1(HK+1) project, which is an academic research support project established by the Korean Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation.

    As part of this project, the KNU Institute of Humanities Studies will instigate a ‘Study on the Origin of Archival Culture in East Asia and Its Intelligent Network’ and will be funded 1.25 billion Korean won yearly for a maximum of 7 years (totaling 8.75 billion won).

    This research holds significant importance as it is an unprecedented, comprehensive study focusing on bamboo and wood-based archives that existed before paper became a universal means of recording information in the East Asian region.

    The Study will be conducted as an interdisciplinary research project with no borders between academic researchers who specialize in various branches of academics including history, Korean literature, archaeology, philosophy, paleography, bibliography, and lexicography.

    As the first and largest-scale research program of its kind in the field of humanities in the Yeungnam area, the ‘HK+ Project’ is expected to kindle further academic studies of liberal arts in the area.

    In order to share the findings of the research with the general public, KNU will establish the Regional Humanities Research Center, and provide various liberal arts programs including special lectures on humanities.

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