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    Kokoda Villagers Built Stores and Fishing Boats to Improve Their Economic Condition

    The Social Service and Guide programs done by Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta’s Office of Research, Publication, and Social Services (LP3M UMY) for the people of Wormon Kokoda village, Mayamuk District, Sorong Region, West Papua Province started as an attempt to improve the quality of their human resources (SDM) through education. However, the program continued to cover not only education, but also the economy sector. Through LP3M, UMY granted fifteen million Rupiah to develop their Village Business Entity (Bumdes) on Sunday (21/9) in Wormon Kokoda village, Sorong Region.

    “The people of Kokoda has started to develop their Bumdes independently. This is a good sign because it shows effort from the people, but we must also actively guide them and give operational funds to the two main businesses there, namely sembako (nine vital items) stores and fishing boats,” stated the Head of LP3M UMY’s Service Division Dr. Adhianty Nurjanah, S.Sos., M.Si.

    In addition, she also stated that the people of Wormon Kokoda’s efforts in developing the program has been satisfactory. Adhiyanti hopes that this could help significantly improve the local economy. “A successful program is one that continues when we have left the are. In addition to great results, the people of Kokoda show initiative and creativity to develop their potential,” she stated.

    Meanwhile, the head of Muhammadiyah Central Board’s Office of Public Empowerment (MPM PP) Dr. H. H. Nurul Yamin, M.Si explained that the process to help the people of Kokoda took some time. At first, the Kokoda were a nomadic tribe that migrates from time to time and hunt for their food and other daily needs.

    “Muhammadiyah gifted the Kokoda tribe a patch of land to build their village. In addition, we also taught them agriculture and increase the quality of their human resources by building educational facilities. Now, we are helping them develop their economy by building stores and fishing boats. We have performed this program since 2013, and we are slowly but surely continuing it step by step,” Yamin stated. He believes that this program can improve everyone in Indonesia.

    The Village Head of Wormon Kokoda, Ari Syamsudin Namugur explained that there are two main businesses in his village. First is sembako stores run by five villagers, and the second is a fishing vessel named “Saad bin Abi Waqash”. The fishing business is a joint effort with local fishermen.

    “We already have a store that sells our everyday needs and plan to build another one. The fishing vessel that we run with the locals can catch one ton of fish every day. With the funds from UMY, we will continue to develop these businesses to increase our economy,” he stated. (ak)

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