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    KMU Researcher Identify Key Mechanisms of Body Temperature Perception

    In 2020, Chun-Hsiang Tan, the assistant professor of Kaohsiung Medical University(KMU) and Professor Peter McNaughton of King’s College London, UK, once again collaborated and published a paper on the mechanism for warmth sensation in the world’s top journal “Nature”.

    This study confirms the key role of TRPM2 in the detection of heat. In the future, biomedical technology may be applied to modulate the human perception of temperature, so that the current scorching hot temperature can become as comfortable as a hot spring.

    In 2016, Dr. Tan and Professor Peter McNaughton discovered that TRPM2 ion channel is responsible for the detection of thermal stimuli and excitation of sensory neurons. The results of the study were published in “Nature.”

    In 2018, a Belgian research team published a study in “Nature” indicating that TRPA1 is involved in the heat sensation of sensory neurons, but the experiment did not find the heat-sensitive mechanism mediated by TRPM2 in sensory neurons.

    In order to find out the reasons for the difference between the results of the two studies, the latest study by Professor Peter McNaughton’s team and Dr. Tan published in “Nature” in 2020 reconfirmed the thermal sensitivity of TRPM2 in sensory neurons and found the reason that Belgian team failed to detect the heat-sensitivity of TRPM2 in sensory neurons is due to the insufficient temperature stimuli.

    This also confirms the positive role of mutual verification in improving scientific validity.

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