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    Key dentistry trends to keep an eye on in 2018

    Oral healthcare is essential because it reflects the health of the rest of our body; and emerging trends within the dental field can be witnessed as a result of advancing technologies. First, 3D printing is currently taking over industries by storm, including the dentistry landscape. Through the printing of resin, dentists can now provide personalised dental resolutions to patients who require fillings, implants, prosthodontics and even gadgets to help those having challenges with sleep. Even though this has yet to be widely popular, it has the potential to be widely adopted because of its ability to provide cost-effective and customised solutions for both dentists and patients.

    Further, with technology developments and inclusion of automation to all industries, dental assistants now has a major part to play in dental care.With training in the use of certain machines, processes and programmes, simple tasks can then be carried out by a trained assistant; while a professional dentist can concentrate on more complex situations.

    Online review management is also one of the key areas to place emphasis on in today’s digital era. This is because when sourcing for new dental practice, most potential patients are inclined to read reviews before coming to a decision. However, practitioners should note not to remove negative reviews as well, because they have been proven to be beneficial too. By responding to negative reviews in a positive manners demonstrates means to constantly improve and allows the customer leaving the review to reexamine their impression of the practice.

    Group dental practices are also becoming increasingly popular. Dentistry training is costly and for fresh graduates it is highly unlikely for these individuals to establish individual practices without putting themselves in more debt. Therefore, group practices allow students and experienced dentists to share the costs and at the same time have an established patient base from which to work. Further, through such practices, dentists are able to have more days off because there is always someone to take over their duties.

    All in all, while oral health is important, the experience of dental visits are essential too. With an increasing numbers of patients who are nervous about their dentistry visits, the innovative technologies can help to make the entire proceeding more efficient and longer-lasting; thereby reducing the worries among patients.

    Source: Health Care Business Today

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