Is Social Media Impactful for University’s Brand Image?


Shaping a brand image through social media is a distinguished method to communicate with your target audience. By providing an avenue for consumers to voice their opinions, it can serve as a feedback loop for the organisation and consumers will be convinced knowing that the organisation cares about their opinions. Social media channels allow individuals to provide positive reviews, product recommendation and share about the related company. The presence of social media helps to increase brand visibility. Hence, by constantly leveraging on social media will eventually develop a brand image and help drive sales.

Is the same scenario applicable for higher education institutions? It is topic to be discussed as competition among universities to attract prospective students increases. For most universities, brand image may not be the key challenge. Despite so, many are constantly working hard to enhance their reputation and establish a positive brand image so as to attract the attention of prospective students. One of the methods to achieve the said objective include the leverage of social media, and almost all universities now are using Facebook. Hence, it would be interesting to review the effectiveness of FB use by universities from user’s viewpoint, particularly for branding purposes.

Therefore, this paper aim to find out the following:

RQ1. Does the use of social media (FB) have the positive impact on the (UB) university’s brand image?

RQ2. Do social media (FB) activities also significantly affect all dimensions of the (UB) university’s brand image?

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