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    Interview with brilliant student Dinh Thi My Linh

    By RUDN University

    “Since young, I dreamt of becoming a lawyer and at present, I am trying to find inadequate regulations that can allow me to develop a reasonable legal system” said Dinh Thi My Linh from Vietnam as she shares her experience of studying at RUDN University in Moscow.

    Dinh Thi My Linh is not only one of the Olympics medal winners; but is also a “RUDN Brilliant Student” scholar. In this interview, she will be sharing about her study experience in Moscow, a late check-in to the dormitory and her thoughts towards her first Russian winter experience.

    I was ready for severe Russian winter and I enjoyed it. Dinh Thi My Linh (c) RUDN University
    I was ready for severe Russian winter and I enjoyed it. Dinh Thi My Linh (c) RUDN University

    You got a scholarship from the RUDN University and now you are taking a master’s degree program in Private Law. What was the hardest during the entrance process?

    I graduated with a bachelor’s degree at the Hanoi Law University (Vietnam) and had a dream to be in the great and beautiful country of Russia. Lucky for me, at that time HLU had initiated a special project for outstanding students which allow me to have the opportunity to study at RUDN University. I was in my senior year at HLU when I was given the chance to participate in the special project and had to do a test in all the fields of Law. This test was the hardest one I had ever done. I was both excited and anxious because there were many other students who had equal determination to pursue a course at the RUDN University. However, all my hard work paid off when I successfully received a scholarship from the university and got the chance to pursue studies at my dream country. I was ready to experience a new life.

    Here at the RUDN University, I also managed to receive a “RUDN Brilliant Student” scholarship which is extremely valuable and meaningful for students who have made academic achievements at the university. At present, I am trying to find inadequate regulations that can allow me to develop a reasonable legal system which can be beneficial to the vulnerable societal groups.

    Were you afraid of going to Moscow? What was most exciting for you?

    Before coming to Russia, I watched many films, read news and posts about the conveniences of everyday life and friendly people in Moscow. Nevertheless, what I am certain about are the beautiful sceneries and cold weather here.

    While winter has been extremely difficult, it has given me the most interesting and amazing experience. After I saw the sparkling white fields and touched the soft snow, I realised the vehement vitality of nature and the amount of power people have in overcoming all difficulties.

    I recalled my first day in Russia. after a long and exhausting flight and route from the airport, I finally reached the campus of RUDN University. Even thought it was late at night by the time I reached my dorm, I was warmly welcomed by my dorm management and roommates; and given guidance on all the basic facilities available. Now, they are helping me in different spheres including the learning of Russian language.

    Is the Russian language a challenge for you?

    Languages help me to better learn the difference in cultures needed to understanding people and Law. At present, I am taking a programme in English and learning the basics of the Russian language. Russian language is really a new to me with its complex grammatical structure.  However, I am thankful for the teachers I have who have had provided me with the utmost supported. In addition, I am also practicing the language by listening to the radio, reading books and communicating with friends. Some may say that Russian language has become my passion (laughs).

    Students from Viet Nam love to meet at week ends. Dinh Thi My Linh (c) RUDN University
    Students from Viet Nam love to meet at week ends. Dinh Thi My Linh (c) RUDN University

    How do you organize your leisure time? Do you travel? Did you manage to make friends with interesting people?

    In fact, studying at the RUDN University is difficult; therefore, I do not have plenty of free time. Nonetheless, I always try to arrange my scheduled so that I can take a short break. During the weekends, I will typically meet up with my friends from Vietnam. Sometimes we will even invite friends from other countries over to our dormitory and cook them our traditional food. My classmates come from all over the world, including Indonesia, Kenya, Serbia and Russia. They are not just ordinary students but are also representatives of different cultures and legal systems. As such, I can have an in-depth understanding about their legal regulations, as well as their interesting lives and multiform cultures. I also learnt a great deal from them including the art of calm handling of pre-conflict situations which is a fundamental skill for all lawyers and diplomats.

    I have also visited many of the beautiful and symbolic places in Moscow including the Red Square, Arbat street, Moscow river and Victory park. I enjoy walking around the campus as well with the trees serving to soften the surroundings, adding beauty and colour to the scenery during summer time; while looking magical during the winter season. I definitely have plans to visit other parts of Russia as well during the summer season when I have more spare time.

    Give a piece of advice for those who plan to go to Russia, to enter the RUDN University.

    Students contemplating to pursue an education in Russia should note that the need to be a diligent and knowledgeable student because Russian universities, especially RUDN University, are vey active in the area of research and provide a dynamic learning environment to foster that.

    The weather can also be a challenge as it is cold in Russia most of the time. Therefore, you will have to learn to take care of yourself and keep warm. Last but not least, students will have to be mindful that the RUDN University is a culturally and linguistically diverse institution; as such, you will have to learn to be sociable and respectful of this diversity

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