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    International students the answer to manpower issue in Denmark

    A new grant order and fast-track plan have been proposed by Denmark’s radical left party to retain and attract foreign talents. 

    Sofie Carsten Nielsen, spokesperson for Denmark’s radical left party and former minister for higher education and science (2014-15) has proposed a grant order that will entice international students to secure jobs in Denmark upon graduation. This intended motion acts as a solution to the current manpower shortage situation within Danish organisations. The party believes that if Denmark can have these international students stay for a longer period of time after graduation it will help resolve the manpower shortage issue.

    The radical left party has proposed a new grant order that allows international students to obtain Danish SU (student financing) and higher education in Denmark with an employment bond stating that they will have to work in Denmark for a minimum of four-year period after graduation. International students who failed to abide to the conditions will have to return the loan. These grants will however only be reserved for those courses that have the lowest level of unemployment upon graduation. Furthermore, the party has outlined a fast-track plan implemented to allow foreigners easier documentation of their qualifications for work applications in Denmark.

    However, Sana Mahin Doost, Chair of the National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF) has voiced her disagreements, arguing that SU should not be allocated based on graduate unemployment rates. By doing so, it will only discourage students who are passionate in professions with higher unemployment rate. Doost pointed out that the focus should be on efforts to engage international students so that they would wish to stay in Denmark upon graduation. Failure in talent retention within Denmark has been correlated to the difficulty in understanding the Danes, hence making it challenging to build a network required for job security.

    Source: UWN

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