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    Innovative Food Products from Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University

    The Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University, also known as SCI-TU, have created “3 Food Techs” aimed at enhancing the value from food waste, aimed at elevating the value of agricultural products and promoting health, especially during COVID-19 situation.

    These products, made from high-nutrition ingredients have won praise at national and global competitions.

    • Lobster-Xanthin powder: It is sourced from food waste and is rich in calcium and low in sodium. Rich in antioxidants and anti-ageing properties,  the product is “more flavorful, more delicious, more healthy”. The seasoning product is suitable for the food industry’s entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts who want to add more flavor to the dish. The innovation has won a gold medal from Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF 2019) at Seoul, South Korea. Plus, this innovation has signed a patent and is ready to be produced and sold.
    • Vegan cheese from winged beans:  The product is dairy-free, soy free, and has no cholesterol. It is packed with protein. The innovation won 3 awards, including Grand Prize awards, Gold Medal, Popular Vote award from Food Innopolis Innovation Contest 2020.
    • Instant pudding powder: This soy milk flavored instant pudding powder from Krajeab. Packed with fibers, it is also helpful in reducing reduce blood sugar. The product is also good for elderly people who have problems with digestion and choking. The product is in the form of pudding powder so it is easy to consume and carry. The innovation just won 2 awards which are “The First Runner Up” and “Best Presentation Award” from Food Innopolis Innovation Contest 2020.

    These innovations are the working result of Dr.Sutheera Watthanakul, a specialist in healthy food product development of the department of food science and technology. Dr Sutheera works with other professors to develop and evaluate the recipes. Apart from food innovation, SCI-TU by food science and technology is also willing to pass on this knowledge about food industry development, including recipe technology innovation, production process, and the project “finding customers’ favorite taste through food sensory evaluation”. We also give SMEs advice on how to develop their food product to meet the customer’s needs by specialists who will perform food sensory evaluation, said Asst.Prof.Dr.Natthanon.

    Asst.Prof.Dr.Natthanon Hongwaritthorn, Director of the faculty of science and technology, Thammasat University (TU) or SCI-TU, says that “Thailand is one of the countries in the world that has tremendous potential in the food industry. We are considered as a place that has abundant ingredients and agricultural products, in which the products are good for transformation and export. Therefore, in order to create new dimensions to Thailand’s food industry, SCI-TU has the policy to integrate science and technology knowledge to marketing and business knowledge under the notion ‘SCI+BUSINESS’.” The aim is to create “scientists who think like an entrepreneur”.

    “In other words, we want a businessman who has a scientific thinking process and is able to integrate their knowledge and create new profitable innovation. The purpose is to increase product value and reduce production loss.”

    For entrepreneurs who are interested in the project “food sensory evaluation”, please contact Dr.Sutheera Watthanakul, department of food science and technology, call: 080-420-9696 or Facebook fanpage: www.facebook.com/Foodsciencetu or public relation department of the faculty of science and technology, TU, Rangsit campus, Tel: 02-564-4440-59, 2010 and www.facebook.com/ScienceThammasat for more information.

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