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    Industrial Revolution 4.0 Offers New Opportunities

    Experts predict that many jobs will disappear in the current industrial revolution 4.0 era. This challenge needs to be taken seriously by increasing the skill and knowledge possessed by each individual. This was revealed by Juwita Alfi Sahra, a student of Communications Study Program of President University batch 2016 in the question and answer session in the 2019 Miss Internet Indonesia Election at the Jakarta Convention Center (27/9).

    Selected as the 2nd Runner Up Miss Internet Indonesia 2019, Juwita mentioned that as many challenges come to us in the current industrial revolution 4.0 era, there will be also a lot of opportunities to come. “I believe that there will be many new jobs substitute the missing jobs. For example, now one can work as a content creator, youtuber, or data scientist which were not common a few years ago,” she said.

    The 2019 Miss Internet Indonesia Election event was organized by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) in collaboration with Sobat Cyber Indonesia and supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. This event was part of the Indonesia Internet Expo and Summit 2019.

    The 2019 Miss Internet Indonesia Election was held not only to look for attractive girls, but also to look for smart and passionate girls to promote internet usage in Indonesia. Juwita explained that she will continue to support the improvement of digital literacy in Indonesia by organizing interactive and interesting programs. “In the future, I will cooperate with APJII and other Miss Internet to increase public knowledge about the internet, especially in the 3T area (underdeveloped and outer area of Indonesia),” she concluded.

    Before being chosen as the 2nd Runner Up of Miss Internet Indonesia 2019, Juwita was also a member of the President University ambassador, Mr. & Ms. President University 2017 and was active in various campaigns organized by AISEC in President University, a youth organization that boosts leadership and voluntary activities.

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