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    Indonesian Steel Industry is Experiencing a Hard Time, is This the Solution?

    Analyzing the current state of the Indonesian steel industry, the President Development Center held a public lecture entitled Local Steel vs Imported Steel at the President Lounge, Menara Batavia, Wednesday (12/18). This public lecture was attended by several businessmen, lecturers, and students of President University.

    Dr. (HC) S.D. Darmono, the founder of President University & Jababeka Group, Ir. Harjanto, M.Eng., the Director General of Metal, Machine, Transportation and Electronic Industry of Industry Ministry were present to discuss some issues in the Indonesian steel industry and its solutions. The problems highlighted were the national steel needs that have not been met by the government, the rush of steel imports from China, there is no Indonesian National Standard (SNI) that this condition can affect the quality of buildings made in the future.

    “This public lecture was attended by academics, businessmen and government (ABG). I think this is the right moment for us to immediately exchange ideas about the right solution so that the Indonesian steel industry can rise again,” said Darmono.

    This notion was agreed by Ir. Harjanto M.Eng that the Industry Ministry cannot work alone to improve the Indonesian steel industry. Collaboration between local steel entrepreneurs and academics is needed.

    “There are external and internal factors that put us in a difficult time for the steel industry. To be able to compete, it is necessary to improve the quality of local steel, namely through the use of new technology and also to encourage steel factories to be more integrated into their processes to reduce hit loss,” he said.

    Furthermore, Harjanto explained that hazardous and toxic waste (B3 waste) from steel processing can still be used for steel making. It has been implemented in 10 countries that have a steel industry. While in Indonesia itself, there is no agreement between the institutions on the meaning of B3 waste. Then, we need to find the alternative energy of the transition of gas as a source for processing steel because the price of gas is very high. “If we apply all of that, local steel can compete with imported steel,” explained Harjanto.

    Through this public lecture, President University students are expected to immediately conduct research in an effort to find solutions to the problems of the Indonesian steel industry. From this research, it is hoped that the company can directly implement it and be supported by appropriate regulations from the government.

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