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    HRLS welcomes two international students from 2020 Australian-Indonesian Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP)

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – Human Rights Law Studies (HRLS) is chosen as an internship destination for international participants of Australian-Indonesian Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP). The program aims to strengthen relations between the two countries. Furthermore, the program also improves networking & soft skills.

    HRLS in 2020 became one of the internship destinations for two participants out of 34 AIYEP participants Batch 38  in Surabaya. The participants welcomed by HRLS were Akbar Hazzana, Faculty of Law student of Syiah Kuala University and Martin Hoggart from University of Melbourne. They had the opportunity to gain knowledge and exchange experiences.

    Akbar is a final year student of Faculty of Law at Syiah Kuala University who is active daily in various youth forums and student organizations. He is listed as an active member of Asian Law Students Association (ALSA) whereas Martin has been active in assisting vulnerable people since 2016 and both of them were interested in learning human rights issues in Indonesia.

    In HRLS, they were introduced on how to organize the study and advocacy centers. For example, they have been invited to participate actively in various HRLS activities such as studies and discussions in the field of human rights.

    “In the next three weeks, there will be scheduled workshops, FGDs and discussion series. They will get assignments from the preparation and essay. On the first day, they were invited in a meeting on how to organize preparatory work for the three events, “ said Dr. Amira Paripurna as Director of HRLS.

    AIYEP internship reception program was held at Building C of the Faculty of Law UNAIR on Thursday, January 9.

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