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    How universities can prepare workers for the coming technological tsunami

    The change in the workplace is of such magnitude that many have likened it to a tsunami. The main challenge for many higher education leaders is to develop a learning environment that answer to the needs and constraints of workers. One plausible solution would be the development of new innovative tools that allow working adults to develop their careers by gaining skills and growing professionally throughout their lives.

    While distance learning is not new, online programmes are providing more options for learners to develop both professional and personal requirements. Modular and part-time programs can be completed without disrupting one’s work commitments. “Nanodegrees,” focusing on developing targeted, in-demand, high-tech skill sets and cumulative or “stackable” graduate certificates are now part of the learning kits.

    Conceivably a more profound change lies in the learning relationship between students and universities that will increasingly need to transform graduation. The university’s objective to teach people how to learn has never been more important than it is today. However, eventually it will be individuals who will need to take control of their own education in order to shape their career paths and identify new horizons of learning.

    Source: The Globe and Mail

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