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    How to be cool on social media

    Social media usage by teenagers has now become a common practice. The usage covers practices from sharing a personal story to generating income through paid promotions and endorsement activities. With all the benefits that social media can offer, teenagers are now competing to be social media content creators who are liked and followed by many people.

    Responding to this phenomenon, President University in collaboration with Bank Central Asia –a prominent private bank in Indonesia- and Kompas.com –Indonesian prominent media- hosted a seminar with the theme “How to be Cool in Social Media”. Aris Suhendra, a travel blogger who is also a content creator shared his story as a speaker during the seminar.

    Known as Kabutipis on Instagram, Aris who has more than 40 thousand followers explained that to be ‘cool’ in social media, someone needs to be himself. “Be yourself and be unique. Social media is full of various contents and information that might be similar in many ways. Find your own uniqueness to differentiate you from others,” Aris said.

    Aris who likes to travel also highlights the importance of creating content about your own hobby to be the best choice to be done. “It is easier to create content about something that you like, rather than create a content carelessly and too general,” he added.

    Aris reminded us that patience is needed to be a content creator on social media. It will not be easy to gain a lot of followers as there are a lot of many other good content creators out there. In addition, he also reminded us that the content creator must have a strong mentality. “There will always be someone out there who does not agree and like your content. But you do not need to worry when you find negative comments about you. You just need to focus to create positive content and inspire many people,” he said.

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