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    Higher education as a multi-purpose enterprise

    The manifestations of globalisation have brought about a plausible framework to justify the development of global higher education. Despite the existing challenges faced by higher education sector, globalisation has led to a rapid expansion of global space for higher education. It has brought about the internationalisation of higher education, increased democratisation of knowledge, and heightened flow of higher education across national borders.

    Tertiary institutions are readjusting to adapt to the forces of globalisation in the modern world. For instance, internationalising the curricula and learning activities is a common institutional strategy to increase enrolment of international students and faculty. In addition, the establishment of international partnerships are essential for universities to broaden their reach.

    As a result, more universities are placing greater priority in global citizenship and intercultural competencies for both students and faculty, as well as the development of an inclusive leadership attitude for all higher education professionals alike. Higher education has progressively become a multi-purpose enterprise focused on the advancement of personal agency and lifelong learning.

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