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    High Achievers of President University Awarded “China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) Awards” by PT. China Harbour Indonesia

    President University hosted the 8th awarding session of “China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) Awards” granted by PT. China Harbour Indonesia on 10 December 2019.

    This event was attended by representatives of PT. China Harbour Indonesia including President Director Liu Qihu and Deputy General Manager Zhang Huaping. The First Secretary of the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia Zhang Ling, and the Chairman of Indonesian Dredging and Reclamation Association Juris Mahendra was also present.

    On President University behalf, there were the Vice Rector for Communication and Partnerships Handa S. Abidin, SH, LL.M., Ph.D., the Director of Legal and Secretarial Fennieka Kristianto, SH, MH, M.Kn., MA, and the Head of Student Affairs Bureau Agus Sofian Eka Hidayat, S.Pd., M.Ed., M.Sc.

    During his opening remark, Handa stated, “I am very grateful to establish a partnership with one of the best international companies in China that is China Harbour Indonesia and beyond proud to have our most outstanding students to receive the CHEC Awards.” Handa also hoped in the future, the best graduates of President University can join China Harbour to further the economic partnerships and development between China and Indonesia.

    Zhang Ling expressed her agreement by adding that in the past few years, economic partnerships and trade between China and Indonesia has developed even bigger. The same goes for its cultural exchange that has grown closer between the two countries.

    Lastly, Liu Qihu congratulated the scholarships awardee for their outstanding achievements thus qualified for the scholarships. He emphasized that education is the key to a country’s development, therefore it is important to invest more in the education sector. PT China Harbour will continue its contribution to Indonesia’s education and is committed to supporting the social development of Indonesia in the long term.

    Representing the scholarship awardees, an International Relations student of President University Muhammad Ilham Razak delivered his highest gratitude to be selected as the grand awardee of the scholarship and expressed his ambition to continuously work hard, so that he could give back to the society in the future.

    A total of Rp100.000.000,- was granted for 20 outstanding students of President University out of 5.000 total students. As the grand awardee, Razak received a Rp10.000.000,- scholarship from PT. China Harbour Indonesia.

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