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    Heath Welfare for Local Community by UNUSA

    UNUSA Community Empowerment of Nahdlatul Ulama University Surabaya has built Karina Life Pharmacy at the hall of Desa Ngingas or commonly known as Kampoeng Logam, Waru, Sidoarjo.

    The leader of 34th group from UNUSA Community Empowerment, Asifatur Rochmah, explained her teams goal to manifest natural medicine for the common illness that have been suffered by local residents. One of the program activities which becomes the main topic is planting family medicinal plants (Toga).

    “With Toga plants, we can use natural ingredients for medicine used by surrounding community,” said Asifatur.

    Asifatur defined that toga plants can be an alternative to increase immunity in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. “The local residents maybe consider it as the first aid for them who have suffer any common illness such as headache, colic, etc.”

    Another program for the UNUSA community empowerment that still have been processing was health socialization for prevent covid-19. The local residents were educated to comply the health protocols. In addition, UNUSA community empowerment help to produce hand sanitizers for the surrounding community. “This is another provision to deal with new habits adaptation in the midst of this pandemic,” explained Asifatur.

    Asifatur and her teams also clarified about several hoaxes circulating in the community. “From here, the role of UNUSA community empowerment is needed to educate the local residents about Covid-19 as well as the prevent to response several hoaxes that have been spread by unresponsible people out there,” she uttered that before closed her conversation.

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