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    Gujarat Governor warns of the increasing discontent among unemployed youth

    Gujarat Governor O.P. Kohli had recently brought to light on the issue of increasing dissatisfaction among unemployed youth which he has labeled as a “warning bell for any society”.

    The opposition Congress had cited the concern of rising youth unemployment rate as one of the key electoral issues being highlighted in the recently concluded assembly elections in the state. The Governor placed emphasis on the importance of examining the employment opportunities of youth who are pursuing higher education. The raising issue also highlighted the relevance of higher education today.

    Mr Kohli also underscored the need for equitable development between urban and rural parts of the country. He pointed out that the development of some cities is not equivalent to that of the entire country. The development gains should have been broadened to include individuals of the lower socioeconomic groups.

    Furthermore, the Governor drew attention to the need for empathy in the society and students. This is because without which education would serve no purpose.

    Source: NDTV

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