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    Green marketing: Strengthen the brand image and increase the consumers’ purchase decision

    Application of green marketing in a company has a positive impact on the environment. By implementing a green marketing program, it will strengthen the brand image and increase the consumers’ purchase decision. This was mentioned by Dr. Dra. Genoveva, M.M. and Dian Ridho Samukti in a journal article entitled “The Influence Of Green Marketing Toward Consumers’ Purchase Decision Mediated By Brand Image”. An environmental promotion such as showing how to dispose of bottles by destroying the packaging is necessary because it can reflect the campaign or program of a company in maintaining environmental sustainability.

    The environmental issue nowadays has caused many companies to encourage people to take care of the environment. As a new focus in business ventures, green marketing is used as an alternative strategy in an effort to meet consumer needs and as a form of concern for environmental sustainability.

    Green marketing starting from the green environment, green product, green brand, green packaging, green advertising, green price, green place and so on. It covers all efforts made by the company in designing, promoting, pricing and distributing products that do not harm the environment. In addition, green marketing also gives added value to the company’s image in increasing competitiveness.

    Highlighting the issue on one of the mineral water product in Jakarta Greater Area (Jabodetabek), the journal article selected as Best Paper in Business & Economics National Conference at Atma Jaya University (27/8).

    According to Genoveva, the green marketing that they discussed in the journal article is a new focus in business ventures that need to be paid attention to.

    “Besides all the benefits that green marketing can offer to the environment and the company, the top management and owners of companies still practice a minimum amount of commitment toward this green marketing. I think it is important for practitioner especially top management of a company practice green marketing as it is good for the environment and strengthen the brand image of a company,” she explained.

    In the journal article, they also give recommendations for the government to provide good policies for companies that have a positive impact on the environment. Also, the government must continue to provide supervision of companies that have a negative impact on the environment.

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