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    GIK Start up Zamastarga Introduces Smart Cane for Visually Impaired

    A Start-up Zamastarga from 7th batch of The Catalyst GIK Incubator of GIK Institute has created a smart cane for visually impaired. It’s an Electronic device that helps visually impaired navigate their path without hitting the obstacle.

    The team conducted a product launch at Blind School Peshawar and donated 5 canes to visually impaired


    The Smart cane features vibrational and sound alarm feedback to alert the user when there is an obstacle in front, the device functions as a virtual stick to help avoid and collision with walls or any other approaching obstacles.

    According to the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA), there are 2 million people in Pakistan who are visually impaired. Zamastarga has partnered up with TARS foundation to offer its product to those who could not afford to buy the device.

    The product has gone through multiple iterations to meet the requirements of the user, the final prototype offers sturdy acrylic body and long-lasting battery.

    The Team is committed to offering its product at the most affordable price to ensure wide adoption.

    The start-up has also received applaud from the Special Assistant to Chief Minister for ST&IT, Mr. Zia Ullah Khan Bangash.He invited the team to his office to extend his support for the venture, Director S&T Dr. Khalid khan was also present at the occasion.

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