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    AFTON Chemical Corporation USA has been working in the fuel and lubricant additives marketplace for over 90 years. The additives provided by AFTON results in emission reduction, fuel economy improvement and extension of vehicle life. In Pakistan, Matrix Inc. represents AFTON Chemical Corporation USA for past 17 years. AFTON supplies fuel additives to various local refineries in Pakistan.

    Few local car manufacturers have reported poor quality of fuel in Pakistan that hampers the engine performance. In order to investigate the root cause and quantify this problem, a research study was proposed by AFTON. GIK institute and AFTON Chemical Corporation signed an agreement on 17th April 2019. The study is financially supported by AFTON Chemical Corporation. The title of the study is “Research for in-use vehicle performance evaluation in Pakistan”.

    The object of this agreement is to establish a joint research program between the Department of Chemical Engineering, GIK Institute and the designated research members of AFTON to measure the performance of used vehicles as per specifications according to Euro II standard operating on commercial gasoline sold in Pakistan. GIK Institute and AFTON Chemical Corporation may then use the data to address concern about gasoline quality in the region related to vehicles performance. The duration of this activity is six months. Prof. Dr. Javaid Rabbani is the PI of this project from GIK Institute. Dr. Fahad Nawaz and Dr. Aqeel Ahmad Taimoor are Co-PI’s.

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