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    Understanding the Lombok Earthquake Volunteer from Faculty of Medical Science and Health Science

    Faculty of Medicine and Health Science (FMHS) of Atma Jaya Catholic University is a faculty ranked 4th among the “10 Faculties of Medicine with Highest UKMPPD” from 2014–2017.  With approximately 200 students enrolled every year, FMHS has managed to provide the society with young medical doctors ready to care for people’s health.

    dr. Jevon Andra Saputra, a young doctor, was a graduate of FMHS with the highest GPA in 2017. When an earthquake hit Lombok in August 2018, dr. Jevon became one of the volunteers from the Atma Jaya Catholic University to help the earthquake victims in Dangiang village, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. From his experience in this village, dr. Jevon said that the condition in Lombok was so saddening because almost all houses there had been leveled to the ground.

    “In the village where we are placed, its condition is similar, that is, almost all houses have been leveled to the ground. The condition of the victims is pathetic because they have to stay in the tent shared with many people with poor sanitation. The area is also shrouded with thick dust which makes the earthquake victims suffer from cough,” said dr. Jevon.

    In Lombok, dr. Jevon, together with other volunteers from the Atma Jaya Catholic University, provided health services to any earthquake victims that need help. They walk around the village to see if there is any victim that needs medical help. In addition, they also help the community build sanitation facilities in several places, build a temporary school for the children, as well as playgrounds for them so that they are able to heal from psychological trauma caused by the earthquake.

    What dr. Jevon did shows how invaluable the services provided by medical doctors to the community, They are willing to set aside their valuable time to help the people in need. Hopefully every year there are more and more doctors who are willing to help the people in need of medical services.

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