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    General Education Courses that TU Uses to Build Graduates for the Future World

    A general education course is one of the compulsory courses that every university has to open for the students. The aim of this course is to enhance students’ knowledge, life skill, and potential, apart from learning academic courses. The new generation will be equipped with various fields of knowledge and skill in order to meet the needs of the future trend and the change of the disruption era. In the disruption era, people will not only have one skill, but they will also enhance their life skills and other skills for a job. TU 108 is a course that focuses on self-development and management. This course will help students to reduce their stress and can set the objective of their life. Students will learn how to manage their mental and physical health and control their emotions. Therefore, this course is a way for students to learn more about themselves so they can manage their emotion and their life.

    Assoc.Prof.Charlie Charoenlarpnopparat, Vice Director for Academic Affairs of Thammasat University (TU), says that currently, there are 10 general education courses for first-year students to study and build their attribute to be a future graduate. Students have to choose 7 courses out of 10 courses that account for 23 credits. TU 100 is a civic education that aims to promote the role of citizenship. TU 101 aims to promote knowledge about the World, ASEAN, and Thailand. TU 102 is about social life skills. These courses are the courses that students have to study because students can learn about society, citizenship, leadership, and social life skills. Other 7 courses that students can freely choose are TU103: Life and Sustainability, TU104 : Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing, TU105 : Communication Skills in English, TU106 : Creativity and Communication, TU107 : Digital Skill and Problem solving, TU108 : Self Development and Management, TU109 : Innovation and Entrepreneurial mindset, and TU 050 : English Skill Development (non-credit course).

    Students will study through activities in class or in the community. The learning process is designed for practical practice for the students. They can solve real problems in society. The university wants to build students who have the knowledge, perspective, and leadership for problem-solving. Currently, TU 109 : Innovation and Entrepreneurial mindset gets the most students’ attention. It shows that the new generation wants to have a quick success so they are eager to take this course.

    Moreover, students can freely choose to study general education courses according to their interests. They can choose a course that is not related to their field of study. As a result, they can learn from other students from different fields of study, learn how to work as a team, and live in a society. Therefore, it helps students to build their connection.

    “Working and living in the world of technology, students have to be equipped with various skills and know many people. Therefore, the university wants to add the eleventh subject in the general education course. 27 faculties of the university have to propose a proper subject for a general education course. Students cannot choose a subject from their faculty. They have to choose a subject from other faculties in order to increase the variety of study. The world has more and more complex problems; therefore, problem-solving relies on more than one field of study. Future students will have and thoroughly understand various knowledge. They cannot stick to one career.” said Assoc.Prof.Charlie.

    A general education course will fulfill students’ understanding about life and society. It helps build creativity, problem-solving skill, and innovation development that can help in their career and business. They will be ready to live in a changing world. TU wants new generation to be a leader that has creativity and problem solving for the society and the country. Importantly, it will help create a graduate with GREATS attributes which are G-Global mindset, R-Responsibility, E-Eloquence, A-Aesthetic appreciation, T-Teamleader, and S-Spirit of Thammasat. Students must also have the entrepreneurial skill and 3rd language skills according to the active learning way that instills students to have a lifelong study.

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