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    From drones to health data, how Japan can power ahead

    In recent years, Japan has made extensive progress in innovating its physical and digital infrastructure. In the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2017- 2018, Japan leap forward four places and ranks 8th among the top ten most innovative economies.

    Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe has shared his intention of having robots the primary pillar of the nation’s economic growth strategy, ahead of Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He has also pointed out the significance of technology in relation to Japan’s greying population. As baby boomers age, 4.0 technologies play a critical role in advancing the nation’s security system, including responses to issues related to dementia.

    From drones to health data, how Japan can power ahead

    The country is in the midst of planning and implementing the use of new technologies and the Industrial Internet of Things has been estimated to contribute close to $1 trillion of Japan’s GDP by 2030.  Japan’s competency in leveraging these new technologies does not only help to increase life expectancy but also helps to manage costs.

    Japan is one of the world’s leading investors in the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can drastically change the nation’s economy and advance quality of life for approximately 127 million citizens. Not only can Industry IoT possibly contribute close to $1 trillion of the nation’s GDP, IoT technologies are also critical to help Japan remain internationally competitive in response to the nation’s greying population and reduced workforce.

    In Japan, drone delivery is more than just a novelty or convenience. It helps concerned individuals to reach out to the population living in rural areas so that they are able to sustain their quality of life. Japan has achieved its goal of kickstarting rural drone delivery this year when e-commerce giant Rakuten partnered with convenience store chain Lawsons to deliver food and small items via drone in Fukushima Prefecture.

    Further, Japan is carrying out precision medicine approaches targeted at cancer and could soon be implemented across Japan. Precision medicine involves customised treatment of diseases such as cancer based on an in-depth understanding of a patient’s biological aspect and everyday lifestyle.

    Source: World Economic Forum

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