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    FEB UNAIR Welcomes ABEST21 Peer Review

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – Thirteen programs of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga received a visit by ABEST21 Assessors. ABEST21 (The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st-century organization) is an organization that provides global accreditation ranking in the fields of economics and business.

    There were 13 assessors in ABEST21 Peer Review Team (PRT) attending on 19-20 September. The assessors in PRT ABEST21 were from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

    “ABEST21 accreditations are for all programs at FEB UNAIR,” said Dean of FEB UNAIR Prof. Dr. Dian Agustia, SE., M.Si., Ak.

    Prof Dian said that there were thirteen programs from various degrees to be reviewed, from bachelors’ programs to doctoral programs. There were four bachelor’s programs, five master’s and three doctoral programs.

    Prof Dian also revealed that FEB began to hold an internationalization-based curriculum redesign since 2016. With the new curriculum, FEB UNAIR did several things towards internationalization.

    Among them are preparing international accreditation for all programs at FEB, opening international classes in three undergraduate programs,  management, accounting and Islamic Economics program. FEB UNAIR also held a fast track for undergraduate students who want to continue their Master studies immediately.

    “Thus, this year activities are essentially for internationalization and improving the quality of education,” she said.

    To get ABEST21 accreditation, a lot of preparations were made by preparing lecturers, staffing, education staff, students, alumni, and managers.

    “So this indeed involves all academics of FEB UNAIR. In preparation, we also formed our international team to support this accreditation, “ she added

    The primary purpose of accreditation is improving the quality of education, research, and quality for tridharma activities. The benefit of ABEST21 is collaboration between universities or faculties outside UNAIR, which will support UNAIR vision in going forward.

    “This accreditation is an effort to support UNAIR’s vision to become an independent, innovative and a world-class faculty of economics and business, ” she concluded.

    The thirteen asessors ABEST21 visiting FEB UNAIR were Prof. Fumio Itoh as President of ABEST21 International; Asst. Prof. Ruchirat Patanathabutr, Ph.D; Devanto Shasta Pratomo, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D; Professor Hirotaka KAWANO; Assoc Prof. Noorihsan Mohamad, Ph.D Economics; Fathyah Hashim, BA Accounting and Finance (Hons), MBA., DBA; Yuvaraj Ganesan, B.A Accounting (Hons)., MBA., Ph.D; Prof. Noer Azam Achsani; Dr. Budiono, S.E., M.A; Yudi Azis, S.Sc., S.E., S.Sos., M.T., Ph.D; Ir. Dodie Tricahyono, M.M., Ph.D; Prof. David Paul Elia Saerang., M.Com (Hons)., Ph.D and Prof. Dr. Gagaring Pagalung, SE., MS., Ak., CA., CMA., CSRA.

    If the programs pass the assessment, there will be 13 programs accredited by ABEST21. They are S1 Management, S2 Master Management, S2 Master Management Science Manajemen, also S1, S2 and S3 programs of Development Economics, Islamic Economics, and Accounting. The Master Management program had been previously accredited by ABEST21 and this year will improve its achievement. (*)

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