Face Shields Produced by President University Students Reach Papua, the Farthest Eastern Region of Indonesia


President University students who are members of the APDKita team again showed their sincerity in supporting medical teams across Indonesia against COVID-19. The face shields they produce at President University’s Mechanical Engineering Laboratory have not only been distributed to dozens of hospitals and public health centers, but also these have been sent to the farthest eastern region of Indonesia, Papua.

A total of 50 sets of face shields arrived at Mitra Masyarakat Hospital, Timika, Papuaearly this month. Distance is not a barrier for the APDKita team to help the medical team in Papua. “The access is difficult, so we use the shipping service to deliver them because we cannot go there directly. This is our commitment to helping medical teams throughout Indonesia,” said Daniel (Information Technology 2015), the team leader.

Daniel representing the team also thanked all parties who have supported, both in the form of donations of the basic materials of making face shields, money, and energy. “Thanks to the cooperation of all parties, APDKita has produced 1000 sets of face shields,” he said.

Their success was also positively welcomed by media colleagues as it was covered by the Buletin News Siang di GTV  and Instagram Narasi People and Mata Najwa.

Daniel revealed, currently the donation and production process is still going on. He and the team plan to make ear shields and hazmat suit as the next APDKita products. He hopes that the increasing number of APDKita’s personal protective equipment production can help even more medical teams in Indonesia.