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    Establishment of Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Center for Peace and Tolerance

    Throughout history human communities have suffered from the devastating results of wars and conflicts. Reasons for wars and conflicts stem from the fact that the values of tolerance that support peaceful coexistence are not usually very well supported and spread among nations.

    Wars and conflicts are becoming a global threat and serious actions need to be taken to stop them.

    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU), realized the need to participate in disseminating values of tolerance globally and supporting all activities that promote peace internationally.

    PMU launched Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Center for Peace and Tolerance on 1/12/2016.

    The center is established to promote the culture of peaceful coexistence and foster interaction and cooperation between people locally and internationally. The Center shall contribute to studies and activities that develop and disseminate knowledge about all matters relating to peace and tolerance.

    The activities of the Center may include:

    • Hold seminars, workshops and conferences to address challenges and topics affecting peace and tolerance
    • Support research projects addressing topics with impact on peace and tolerance
    • Participate in curricula development towards peace and tolerance and related activities in Educational Institutions.
    • Develop online resources to foster the culture of peace and tolerance
    • Promote outreach activities that will strengthen the relationship between organizations involved in peace and tolerance activities locally and internationally.

    Recently, PMU signed a memorandum of understanding with the Center for Peace in Oslo, Norway so as to execute joint international activities to faster and spread the culture of peace and tolerance internationally.

    Latest Posts

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