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    Environmental Diplomacy: Indonesia’s Effort in Peatland Restoration

    The issue on peatlands currently becomes more problematic since Indonesia has a million hectares of peatlands being on fire. In this case, peatlands characterized by fragile ecosystem which rapidly dry out and become highly flammable. It then impacted to unsolved haze problem experiencing by parts of Sumatera and Kalimantan just a few months ago. Furthermore, the massive peatland burning led to peatlands degradation. It is estimated that Indonesia has lost approximately half of its peatland area which costs the Indonesia environment due to the increasing greenhouse gas emission.

    Hence, President University Major Association of International Relations Study Program collaborating with Peatland Restoration Agency organized a seminar with the topic “Environmental Diplomacy Indonesia: Peat Restoration and the Potential Business for Millennial” on Monday, 4 November 2019.

    Held at Charles Himawan Auditorium President University, the seminar aimed to raise the awareness of the students regarding environmental diplomacy, the importance of peatland restoration, and the implementation of potential business opportunities. In the seminar, the keynote speech delivered by Deputy III of Peatland Restoration Agency Dr. Myrna Safitri, Peatland Restoration Specialist of World Resources Institute Dr. Eli Nur Nirmala Sari, and moderated by International Relations Study Program Lecturer from the Christian University of Indonesia Dr. Verdinand Robertua Siahaan, S.Sos., M.Sos.

    During the seminar, the keynote speakers emphasized the importance of the Indonesian role in mitigating regional and international environmental issue including transboundary haze due to peatlands burning. In this case, Indonesia could be eligible for international adaption grants which will be the potential sources of sustainable financing for business actors on peatlands. The seminar then closed by sharing a session from the Youth for Peatland.

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