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    Empowerment through creative entrepreneurship

    The nature of work is evolving and there lesser ‘jobs for life’. Concurrently, the younger generation also prefer a portfolio career. The idea of a portfolio career was conceived by the management consultant Charles Handy some 25 or 30 year ago, where the future working patterns have been identified and recognised that we would have a series of jobs, not just one job; and even simultaneously have two or three jobs at once. This is the reality for many young people today.  

    Attitudes are also evolving today. It used to be that if your CV or resume showed that you had a series of jobs for shorts periods of time, it is a bad thing and implied that you are unable to stay on a job. However, things have changed and now with the same CV or resume, it indicates that you are adaptable to a dynamic environment.  

    In addition, the barriers to entry for businesses are low today; and this is particularly the case of creative and digital industries. Technologies have become cheaper as they become even more powerful. Further, due to democratisation, one person or a small business performing with the computer from home can still sell their products, services or content to people all around the world through e-commerce software or facilities such as PayPal; hence displaying a wide range of opportunities for all.  

    Also, people are no longer willing to be simply passive consumers and the power balance has shifted in various ways. Educational institutions no longer hold the monopoly of power. While schools and universities are still successful in nurturing students, there is almost a parallel education system where we can choose what we learn, how and when we learn them.  therefore, we have now become empowered through various means due to this age of information. We now have opportunities to integrate our creative passion with smart business thinking.  

    Watch full video below and listen to what David Parrish has to say about empowerment through creative entrepreneurship. 


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