Education [email protected]: Electrical Engineering virtual laboratory


Pandemic COVID19 obviously disrupted many operations including the teaching and learning (T&L) process. While certain theory and calculation subjects can be taught online, the bigger challenges are to teach the laboratory sessions which require hands-on and practical aspects.

Dr. Aziati Husna Binti Awang and Ir. Ts. Dr. Suzi Seroja Sarnin, senior lecturers from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia were invited by Malaysia National Television (TV1) to talk about this issue. The show was aired live on 19 October 2020 with the topic ‘Technical Laboratory Adaptation using Education 5.0 during COVID19’.

The Education [email protected] is the best reference point when the instructors and students were asked to migrate from the physical lab to the virtual lab. Education [email protected] is not about smart technology and the machine’s capability to do what humans do; rather it is about what humans can do well rendered by smart technology and machines.

Within a very short time, members of the faculty started to research suitable freeware to simulate the equipment and produce new lab modules that adhere to all measurements from the accreditation bodies in Malaysia. These virtual lab manuals were then vetted, tested, and verified with reference to the physical lab outcomes.

The process flow from students’ registration, grouping, briefing, and submission of lab reports were carried out using an online platform. Materials and guidelines videos were provided online as well. Students lab sessions were performed in groups using an online meeting platform. Students’ evaluation was also conducted online. The cooperation and hard work between the coordinator, instructors, and students are vital to ensure the success of virtual laboratory sessions in education [email protected]