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    Driving Impact on Education and Gender Parity

    Gender equality is degenerating and shifts in the workforce are threatening to increase skills gaps. Saadia Zahidi, Head of Education, Gender and Work, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum kicked off the discussion by pointing out that “We are not preparing for a future that will come and overwhelm us but it really belongs to us and how we choose to act today. Some of those actions require thinking about the changes that are required on education and skills to prepare workforces better and for the future of work; and second, thinking specifically about the social impacts and ensuring that we are using our existing talent base well.”

    Following the announcement on the launch of the Global Alliances for Closing the Skills Gap and Closing the Gender Gap, listen to what experts, public and industry leaders have to say towards the achievement of a successful impact on education and gender.

    Join us in the upcoming QS-MAPLE 2018 from 4-6 March 2018 in Bahrain as we discuss on the Advancement of University Excellence in All its Forms.

    Latest Posts

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